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As our customer base has grown – and we’ve had the pleasure to meet so many of you, the desire to create wines exclusively for our most loyal wine lovers has led me to seek out truly special vineyards, ones that are not always on the radar but offer unique opportunities for one-of-a kind wines. 

As demand has increased for our small production wines though, it has become more difficult to insure that there were enough bottles to sell to everyone who wanted them. In fact, every Waugh Cellars wine since 2001 has SOLD OUT, often times leaving our customers without a favorite for months or even until the next vintage.

That’s why we decided to create the Friends of Waugh Cellars. After all it’s you who make what we do possible and it’s our sincere hope that with this program, you’ll always have a bottle of Waugh Cellars on hand to share with family and friends.

Many of these wines are made in such small quantities that they are not available to the general public and are only sold through the Friends of Waugh Cellars.

ClubThe Club

Four times a year you'll receive three, six or nine bottles of Waugh Cellars award winning wines, along with my tasting notes. Sometimes the wines will be our latest releases other times it will be extremely rare bottlings; all shipments will be a mix of varietals giving you the chance to discover your favorites.

The goal of the club however is to offer complete flexibility – You’d rather receive more Cabernet than Chardonnay?  Done.  Three bottles of Riesling in addition to your scheduled order?  Of course.  Want your shipment to arrive a few weeks early or after you return from vacation?  It’s your club. 

Other Member Benefits

Exclusive Member Wine Tasting Event during Taste of Passion weekend – We roll out the red carpet as a special thanks for your loyalty.  Enjoy a day of wine, food and the great company of your fellow club members.

Private Member Tastings – We love spending time with you and meeting new people.  As a Friends of Waugh Cellars member,  plan a private wine tasting at your home for your closest friends. We do not travel as much as we used to, but we would love to bring Waugh wines to you whenever possible! If this interests you, please inquire with Crystal (crystal@waughcellars.com)

Special Wine Club Pricing and Exclusivity –  We do not offer discounts, however, all of our wines are specially priced just for club members and most wines we make are exclusive to you!

Half Off Tastings – If you would like to visit the winery that we built, The Caves at Soda Canyon, we offer half off any tasting experience for Friends of Waugh Cellars plus one guest.

A Personal Experience – It is always our goal to make your experience with Waugh Cellars as personal as possible. You are why we are in this business!

Three options: Three, six or nine bottles per shipment, Shipped four times per year:

March, June, September, December

Price range per shipment (includes shipping):
3 Bottles - $120.00-295.00 (per shipment)
6 Bottles - $240.00-495.00 (per shipment)
9 Bottles - $299.00-695.00 (per shipment)

As Friends of Waugh Cellars members, you are also entitled and encouraged to purchase additional allocations of any wine above your normal quarterly shipments throughout the year (Inventory allowing). These wines are made for you!

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